Street Cleaning

Altogether Greener provides a wide range of street cleaning services including, litter collection, channel sweeping, shrub bed clearance, weed control, leaf fall removal, high pressure cleaning and winter maintenance activities.


General standards of cleanliness and safety are vitally important to the quality of the local environment and the image of all our customers premises including councils, housing associations, churches, schools, universities, colleges, business parks, industrial estates, hotels, doctor’s surgeries, care homes, hospitals, businesses and domestic customers.


Our street cleaning service is categorised using one of four grades, as set out in the environmental protection act and according to the amount of litter that is present as follows:


Grade A - Virtually no litter or refuse.
Grade B - Predominantly free from litter apart from small items.
Grade C - Widespread distribution of litter with minor accumulation.
Grade D - Heavily littered with significant accumulations.


Our team of dedicated staff will work in partnership with your organisation to achieve a safe high quality local environment and to promote environmental best practice.


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