Our Services

Listed below is a sample of the high quality services and products that you can purchase. 

Each of these services will be provide by a qualified professional who will contact you within 24 hours to make the necessary arrangements.


If you require another type of environment or grounds maintenance product please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]


Please note the total cost of these services will be deducted from any future repair programmes or maintenance contracts that you purchase from Altogether Greener.


Local Environmental Quality Survey- £110

This is a comprehensive survey of the environmental standards in a given area. The inspection covers the overall quality of the environment that includes standards of grounds maintenance in and around landscaped areas, and standards of cleanliness and litter control. The individual maintenance and repair programme will enhance the image of your premises for the benefit of staff and visitors.


Lawn Care Assessment - £75

This is a comprehensive lawn inspection that includes soil sampling, grass problem solving and disease diagnostics. The individual remediation programme for your lawn will give you a beautiful healthy lawn that is both moss and weed free.


Landscape Design Appraisal - £110

This appraisal identifies the landscape setting of the site and the landscape design context of the wider environment. The visual aspects such as quality of views are identified as part of the site assessment to give you an outline design that could improve the quality of life.


Pest Control Inspection - £75

This inspection will identify the type of pest and the preventative action required to resolve the problem. The wide range of effective one off solutions and corrective action programmes we offer are confidential and will be undertaken by professional pest control officers.


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